Past Projects

Projects vary each year depending on proposals submitted by our partner community organizations. Last year’s community projects include:

  • Elementary school workshops on a diverse range of topics, arts, culture, creative writing, multimedia, gardening, food justice, and the science of ecosystems
  • “Build and Battle” engineering fair where grade 7 students competed to build the fastest racecars using found objects
  • Community kitchen and recipe swap where UBC students and community members cooked together and shared recipes and stories about food
  • Video project where a team of students created new training videos on the topic of Healthy Boundaries for an organization support community members on the autism spectrum
  • A one-day community celebration on the theme of music, including an open-mic, music documentaries, soundscaping workshop, and karaoke!
  • Students came together with local seniors from 411 Seniors Centre, South Granville Seniors Centre, and youth from MOSAIC to design and paint a 100-year-old piano donated by Pianos on the Street – learn more about this project.

Read What CLP Leaders Say About Their Experience

“…by supplying a simple framework or idea to someone and empowering them to change it and build on it as they execute it, you end up with something much better than you could have developed yourself. ”

~ SAP Community Leadership Program Participant 2010

“Often we hear about the negative aspects of society and people – this project showed all the positive aspects of people. It left me feeling that if we bring people from different cultures and different generations to work together, amazing things can happen.”

~ UBC Community Leadership Program Participant 2010

“We saw in action the concept of people with different strengths working together in an empowered environment resulting in something much more exciting and successful than people just executing on a well thought-out plan.”

~ UBC Community Leadership Program Participant 2010

“The project reminded me of how important volunteer community work is and how much I enjoy interacting with students. I also learned about the importance of relying on each other’s strengths as part of shared leadership. I came to believe that I have what it takes to be a strong leader. The project gave me lots of confidence in my own leadership skills.”

~ UBC Community Leadership Program Participant 2010