Information for Supervisors & Managers

All applicants to the UBC Community Leadership Program (CLP) require the sponsorship of their direct supervisor in order for their application to be processed. The following information is designed to help you as a supervisor make an informed decision regarding the appropriateness of the application of the person requesting your sponsorship.

Download the Supervisor Information Sheet as a Word document.

Factors to consider:

Nature of development opportunity

  • How will I determine if this is the right learning opportunity? What are the skills to which the individual will be exposed? How does this opportunity align with unit objectives?

Benefit to the department

  • What are the skills to which the employee will be exposed?

Role and obligations of the supervisor in sponsoring this applicant?

  • What is my role? How do I support this individual as they are going through the program?

Time commitment and cost to participate

  • How much time will be required and how much will the department have to pay?

How does this application align with unit objectives and the individual’s development plan?

The Community Leadership Program (CLP), the first of its kind in Canada, is a unique leadership and learning opportunity that we believe is consistent with UBC’s strategic priorities. It is delivered in partnership by UBC Human Resources – Workplace Learning and Engagement, and the UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning.

In submitting an application, your employee/student has identified how participating in this program will enhance their knowledge and/or skills that are relevant to the current position or career development plan. This program provides the opportunity to expose the participant to complex concepts of leadership and project management in a real case environment. Working with community partners (and sometimes faculty members), the applicant will lead a group of students through a community project. Upon reviewing the individual’s application and the learning outcomes identified below, we encourage you to identify how this might connect to your unit goals. We also urge you to consider the nature of this development opportunity by reviewing the pages of the website and comparing the learning outcomes and goals of this program with those identified in the applicant’s development plan.

What is the benefit to my department and what is my obligation in sponsoring this applicant?

The development of an individual’s capacity to lead brings untold benefits to that individual, their colleagues and clients, and potentially impacts the work of the department. In fact, every relationship has the potential to be impacted by an individual’s capacity to enact leadership. These benefits are more likely to manifest when the learning is supported by the individual’s supervisor who can help to set learning expectations and discuss the learning experience in light of the goals of the department.

The following learning outcomes are directly transferable to the unit’s work environment:

  • Increased awareness of leadership capacity, dealing with paradox, managing conflict, approaching calculated risk, facing new challenges and assuming greater responsibility, managing projects, working with difficult people, managing competing interests, handling uncertainty and dealing with ambiguity, leading others through a project, engaging a project team, exploring the difference between guiding and directing others.
  • Developing a new awareness in leadership capacity results in increased initiative, higher levels of engagement and demonstrated responsibility.

What is my role as supervisor and how can I support this individual’s participation and success in the program?

  • Acknowledge that you have read the individual’s application
  • Sign and submit the Supervisor Sponsorship Form
  • Understand the time commitment involved
  • Review the individual’s learning goals with them and conduct a follow-up meeting upon completion of the program to discuss the individual’s ongoing needs and development outcomes
  • Engage in active dialogue with this individual throughout the course of the program with respect to their learning experience.
  • Attend a presentation for managers from the participants in March

What is the time commitment and cost to my unit?

Normally, someone enrolled in a leadership course of this duration would expect to pay registration fees in the neighbourhood of $1,500-$4,000. In fact, the cost of this program to external applicants/participants outside of UBC is $1,800 per person. However, because this program directly relates to achieving the goals of UBC’s strategic initiatives, the registration fees have been waived for UBC staff and graduate students and the cost of the program is being covered by Human Resources and the Centre for Community Engaged Learning.

Release time for each UBC participant has looked different depending on the unit and department.  It is essential for participants to attend all of the program’s learning activities and participants are required to discuss the time commitment with their supervisor and come to an agreement on how the time away will be managed prior to applying to the program. Full details of the schedule and the allocation of this time are provided at

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