Goals & Outcomes

What Are the Individual Outcomes for CLP Participants?

Learning and Professional Development Goals

Through the program’s unique combination of content-driven workshops reinforced by the practical application of leadership concepts through the shared Reading Week project experience, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance your leadership capabilities – particularly by developing a different understanding of your strengths.
  • Gain management or team leadership experience – leverage your own strengths and tapping into the strengths of your team members.
  • Cultivate team development skills – play an educator role for UBC students who volunteer with a Reading Week project.
  • Practice practical project management – develop a Reading Week project and achieve goals in a complex community setting with multiple stakeholders and often challenging parameters.
  • Explore the different components that make up a community – discover how to thrive while building a community within your project team, as well as developing relationships with project partners (such as schools and non-profit organizations).

Program Components and Participant Investment

We will help you to achieve the above goals and outcomes with the following program activities:

  1. Four full-day interactive and experiential workshops between October and January;
  2. Planning and delivery of a UBC Reading Week Community Service Learning Project that begins in November, with projects delivered over three full days in February; and
  3. Program wrap-up and reflection event held in March.

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